Grow with us

Monese is reimagining the way banking works. We make it easy to manage your money – wherever you are in the world. We create financial freedom for all of us that live, work, travel, study or send money abroad. We’re the mobile app alternative to the banks, offering accounts you can open instantly, so that you don’t lose access to the money you need every time you cross a border on a map.

We’ve signed up over 2 million people from across 31 countries. Our mobile apps are available in 14 languages, so that you can spend and save like a local anywhere in the European Economic Area. With great reviews and many of our customers using us to receive their salaries, we’re one of the most popular and trusted financial services in Europe.

We're global and inclusive: we want to make our service available to everyone, everywhere. We're progressive and passionate: we push things forward with enthusiasm and curiosity. Our product comes from genuine excitement for what we do. We're kind and collaborative: being empathetic and open-minded as a team is a better way to get things done. We're honest and fair: we believe in doing the right thing.